Judging Tips

NIRSF Judges are specially chosen for their impartiality, ability to work well with children, and professional abilities. They volunteer their time as a ministry. Their job is not to "trip up" the student, but to help draw out what the student has learned through the process of completing their science fair project.

Judges allow the student to present the project orally in its entirety without prompts, but are prepared to jump in with questions if a student seems to need some additional help explaining the project.

A good oral presentation contains the following elements and should last between 5 - 10 minutes:
- Eye contact
- Excitement about the project
- Thorough knowledge of the topic and familiarity with using scientific terms or nomenclature that relate to the project
- Enunciation and speaking clarity

Judges will use the following scoring sheets. (NOTE: these completed sheets will NOT be available for viewing. A general comment sheet will be given after judging is completed.)

Judging Sheets for Model Projects
Judging Sheets for Experiment Projects
Judging Sheets for Collection Projects
Judging Sheets for Demonstration Projects

Written Reports must be submitted via Google Docs or other electronic means no later than Midnight January 5. Specific rules about Written Reports can be found under the rules section, and the Judging Sheets can be viewed here:

Judging Sheets for Model/Collection Projects
Judging Sheets for Demonstration Projects
Judging Sheets for Experiment Projects

An excellent sample paper can be found here.