Geology and Dinosaurs


  • Use a large, clear container to mix water with several kinds of rocks, dirt, sand, etc.  Each material becomes a layer!  Why do different layers form?  How does this compare with what geology texts say about the ages of different rock layers?
  • Radio halos in rocks: Explain them, and how different scientists relate them to the young earth/old earth positions.
  • Dating rocks, fossils, and the earth: How well proved are various dating methods?  Examples: radiometric dating methods can't be calibrated except for C-14, which is not used for rocks.  What methods currently exist?  What evidences exist for/against the earth being 4.5 billion years vs. 6 thousand years old?
  • Earthquakes: What causes them?  Are we having more frequent or stronger earthquakes over a period of time?
  • Make a model of a volcano, and show what's inside.  What causes them to develop?  What kinds of eruptions can happen?  How do scientists try to predict a volcano's eruptions?  What kinds of rocks and structures can be formed by volcanoes?
  • What did Mount St. Helen's eruptions tell us about geology?
  • Folded rocks: How does severe folding occur?  Rocks are divided into 3 types: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic.  Sedimentary rocks (like limestone) turn into Metamorphic rocks (like marble) if subjected to enough pressure to fold them.  Why do we have severely-folded rocks that are still Sedimentary, not Metamorphic?
  • Sedimentary layers that extend more than half-way around the planet suggest that a very large Flood once covered most (or all) of the earth at one time.  How could this cover so much of the planet?  When?

These kinds of Projects are great for Models or Collections!


  • How many different "kinds" are known?  Where are their fossils found?
  • What evidences are there that man has seen living dinosaurs?
  • What is thought to have evolved into dinosaurs? 
  • Were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?  How could they fit and be fed or cleaned-up after?
  • How could there be unfossilized body tissues in dinosaur remains if dinosaurs all died out 65 million years ago?
(Check out The Institute for Creation Research or Apologia Science for more resources, as well as other places.  Contrary to popular teaching, not all scientists hold to the Evolution Theory!)

  • How do archaeologists determine the name, dates, or people of a buried city, when there are not "Welcome to Jericho" signs in the rubble?
  • Date of archaeological materials, such as wood, pottery, documents, fabrics (i.e. the Shroud of Turin): Show methods of dating, pro's and con's of methods, etc.
This could be an excellent Demonstration Project!